It is important to recognize that whoever is educating a child is actually instilling a worldview. BRAVE Church’s mission is to help its member families connect to God through a relationship with Jesus Christ and to educate and disciple their children in the Christian worldview. BRAVE Academy students will receive a Classical Christian Education (CCE) with the aim to encounter Jesus and learn foundational Biblical truths while glorifying God through the development of their minds in academic study.

Classical Christian education (CCE) is a time-tested educational system which establishes a biblical worldview (called Paideia). It incorporates methods based on natural phases of child development, cultivates the seven Christian virtues, trains students in reasoning through the Trivium (Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric), and engages children in “the great conversation” through the historical Great Books.CCE inspires Depth and Wisdom.

Ephesians 6 commands fathers to raise their children in “the Παιδεια (paideia) of the Lord.” Before the mid-eighteenth century, Christian paideia was the purpose of nearly all Western education. All subjects are taught with the goal of building a foundation of knowledge emphasizing content-rich literature, a deep understanding of history, the fundamental principles in math and science, and a deep appreciation for art and music.

Classical education emphasizes excellence in everything, from academic work to behavior. Students who are trained in the habit of excellence and are constantly striving to do their best, from their penmanship to the way they dress, are prepared to be successful at whatever they do.

The chief end of education is for students to worship and glorify God. College preparation is not an end in itself, however most alumni go on to have a lifelong love for learning. CCE graduates have excellent faculties in language and reasoning. Thus, college is often a natural outworking of CCE. For further reading, see the GOOD SOIL REPORT:

Students around the nation in classical schools typically score in the top 10-15 percent on national tests such as the Stanford Achievement Test and the Scholastic Aptitude Test (both abbreviated SAT). Established classical schools often graduate a significant proportion of National Merit Scholars (determined by PSAT scores) and students with extremely competitive SAT scores (in the top 5%).

Go to the Association for Classical Christian Schools website at

 For further reading:

  • 56% of the Association of Classical Christian School (ACCS) alumni earned A's, or mostly A's in college. The next highest group, at 45%, was homeschoolers, followed by private preparatory schools at 36%
  • In a survey asking students if they were prepared for college & career, the responses of all ACCS alumni were 33% above the median; private preparatory schools, 7% above the median; public schools, 10% below the median
  • 89% of ACCS alumni earned a BA or higher in college, as compared to 78% for private preparatory school alumni, and 67% for public school alumni
  • "I felt well prepared for a job." 73% of ACCS alumni agreed, compared to 71% of private preparatory alumni and just 40% of public school alumni
  • "I have so much in life to be thankful for." 79% of ACCS alumni agreed, compared to 52% for private preparatory alumni and 54% of public school alumni
  • 84% of ACCS alumni believe the Bible is historically and scientifically reliable, versus 73% for conservative Christian schools and 50% for secular schools 2

1. An introduction to Classical Education, A Guide for Parents, Perrin, C.A., MDiv, PhD, p 34, 2004
2. The Classical Difference, Volume 6, Number 2 / Special Issue, pp. 7, 17 - 19, 2020. (Certain figures were interpolated from bar graphs)

BRAVE Academy launched in Fall 2023 with Kindergarten through 5th grade. With each year, at least one grade level will be added to BRAVE Academy building up to 12th grade. 

BRAVE Academy
Kindergarden-5th Grade Annual Tuition & Fees 

Kindergarten – 4th Grade  
Annual Tuition
Kindergarten AM $ 4,886
Kindergarten Enrichment PM $ 4,886
1st-5th Grades $10,550 

BRAVE Member 5% Discount ($ 527) 
BRAVE Member Tuition $10,023 


Registration Fee $ 250
FACTS Membership $ 55 Annual Fee 

BRAVE Academy believes that a quality Christian education should be available to every family that is committed to raising their children to have a thorough Christian worldview, regardless of income. Therefore, financial aid scholarships are awarded to qualifying like-minded families. BRAVE Academy financial assistance scholarships are awarded on a first come, first served basis, and are purely need-based.

To assess the financial need of each family, BRAVE Academy utilizes FACTS, a third-party grant and financial aid assessment. FACTS charges a $55.00 processing fee that each family is required to pay when applying for financial aid. In addition to BRAVE Academy financial assistance scholarships, need-based financial aid may also be available through Alliance for Choice in Education (ACE) scholarships. The academy can assist with this application process as well, which is based on an income ceiling.

Applications for financial aid for the 24/25 school year are DUE BY APRIL 15, 2024. Please note that the admissions online application must be completed along with payment of the $250.00 registration fee prior to applying for financial aid

To apply for financial aid, please follow this link: BRAVE Academy Financial Aid Application

We are so glad you are interested in applying to BRAVE Academy!

Following are the steps for application:

STEP 1 Attend a BRAVE Academy Open House

STEP 2 Please read the following:
An Introduction to Classical Education by Christopher A. Perrin
The Lost Tools of Learning by Dorothy Sayers.

STEP 3 Click on this link to apply to BRAVE Academy: BRAVE Academy Enrollment Application

STEP 4 If interested in receiving Financial Assistance through ACE Scholarships:BRAVE Academy Financial Aid Application

STEP 5 When these steps are completed and we have your application we will notify you of next steps which will include:

• student assessment through ISEE

• family interview where we will get to know you and your student better and answer any questions you may have.

Any family who has faith in the saving work of Jesus Christ and a deep commitment to live according to His Word. All families must sign the BRAVE Academy Statement of Faith when applying. We encourage you to ask yourself the following questions to see if BRAVE Academy is a good fit for your family:

** Is your family committed to Christ?
** Are you committed to well-behaved children?
** Do you value academics and a Christian work ethic?
** Does your family love learning and reading books?
** Does your family limit the use of technology, and recognize the detrimental effects of continuous usage?
** Are you willing to invest time in your child’s academic growth and, as parents, are you willing to be actively involved in your child’s education?
** Do you value a broad-based education or do you see education as a relatively generic commodity, with slight distinctions? (Some families want a mainstream education like they had. If you were satisfied with your education (assuming you were educated in a mainstream public or private school) and don’t see any reason to want more, then you probably won’t find our form of education appealing. From our uniforms to our study of the great books to our emphasis on writing, we are different than most schools.)

Yes, BRAVE Academy students will wear uniforms.